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Welcome to Nullifire

World leaders in the development of intumescent coatings, and passive fire protection solutions.

SC900 Series

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The intumescent pioneer

Saving lives, protecting property, minimising business losses. Above all, fire protection is about saving lives. That’s why, with Nullifire, there are no compromises. We are focused solely on fire protection, and dedicated to innovation for the protection of people and property.

Nullifire is the leading developer of intumescent fire protective coatings in the UK and Europe, and has pioneered the use of this technology for over 30 years to offer trusted, life-saving solutions to protect steel structures and timber surfaces; service penetrations; and construction movement joints.

Expert advice and support

All Nullifire systems are supported by comprehensive technical literature and a team of experts available to assist in project management and schedule planning, and provide advice at every stage of a project, from product selection and specification to installation and verification to continuing post-application support and service.

A reputation beyond doubt

Nullifire works with many of the world’s leading architects and has provided fire protection solutions for many of the major buildings of our time. The company enjoys an industry-wide renown not only for its expertise, but also for its attitude: We are satisfied only when our customers are more than satisfied.

Nullifire are specialists, and a recognised authority in our field

Nullifire delivers trusted, life-saving solutions in more than 20 countries worldwide.
It remains the industry’s most prolific innovator: up to 120 minutes’ fire protection is offered by the S707 range, its latest eco-conscious, water-based systems.

Nullifire’s UK manufacturing operation employs state-of-the-art production technology, backed by industry-leading quality control procedures to ensure consistently high performance across the product ranges.

The new R&D lab, one of the UK’s largest independent facilities of its type, including customer training facilities and a fully-equipped furnace hall has three furnaces, with the latest ‘EN’ combustion oven to test steel columns up to two metres high for compliance with future European standards.

In-house fire-testing facility

Nullifire remains one of a limited few comapnies, with it's own fire-testing facility on-site, and is thus able to facilitate batch testing to ensure consistency and quality of product, and to invite customers to witness product testing.