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Smart Protection from Nullifire


Designed for internal and semi exposed structural steelwork, Nullifire’s innovative intumescent basecoat, SC602, can be applied on-site by airless spray to provide smart fire protection for at least 60 minutes.

Steel surfaces should be clean (sandblasted to 2.5), undamaged and dry, before applying SC602 and the Nullifire multi-coat formulation should also be used in conjunction with a suitable and compatible primer and topcoat. Prior to application of the primer, all mill-scale must be removed with a blast profile of at least 50 microns achieved.  Once fully coated and suitably dry, SC602 applications can be exposed to the weather for up to six months as long as there is no interference from ponding water due to rainfall or condensation.

Supplied in a 25 kg drum, the off-white intumescent coating should be used in well ventilated conditions with protective equipment worn during handling and use. The equipment can then be cleaned using xylene (FC150). While SC602 is designed for on-site application, an off-site version, SC601, is also available in 250 kg drums to aid productivity.

SC602 offers an average drying time of 60 minutes to touch and six hours to recoat while the off-site alternative, SC601, has an average drying time of 30 minutes to touch and four hours to recoat. For best results, the application temperature should be between 5°C and 35°C.