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Fire Stopping Range

Fire Stopping Solutions - Large Cavity Barriers

Nullifire Fire Curtains are ideal fire stopping solutions for large voids in buildings above ceilings and can provide 30 minute to 2 hours fire protection to openings with up to 10 m drops.

Our large cavity barriers range:

Fire Stopping Solutions - Linear Movement and Building Gap Seals

Nullifire fire stopping solutions for linear movement and building gap seals include a range of fire-rated foams, compressible fibre strips as well as acrylic and silicone sealants.

Our linear movement and building gap seals range:

Fire Stopping Solutions - Pipe and Cable Penetration Closing

A comprehensive range of fire stopping products for pipe and cable penetration closing, for reinstating the compartmentation of walls or ceilings when penetrated by building services.

Our pipe and cable penetration closing range:

Specialist Sealants and Movement Gap Seals

Nullifire fire stopping range offers products which are designed to accommodate a specific degree of movement.

Our specialist sealants and movement gap seals range: