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Passive Fire Protection of Denby Street Student Residence

The Project

Completed in August 2018, North Midland Construction provided passive fire protection to Victoria Hall Management Ltd.'s Denby Street Student Residence facility which homes up to 535 students.

Passive Fire Protection

This student residence hosts the capicity to house students as well as offering 380m2 of office space. In order to comply with passive fire protection requirements Nullifire recommended the use of FB750 fireproof panels, FS702 flame retardeant acrylic sealant, On-Site Water-Based Intumescent Basecoat SC801, and On-Site, Water-Based Intumescent Basecoat SC802. The combination of these products provided all of the necessary safety measures for occupants in case of a fire.

Please note: we use a different product range for each project and the current construction rules. For a personalised recommendation please contact our fire protection experts.

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Coated Batts

Fire Rating: 240 Minutes

FB750 is a lightweight 4 hour fire barrier comprising of a mineral fibre board with an elastomeric, ablative water based sealant.

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Fire-Rated Acrylic Sealant

Fire Rating: 240 Minutes

FS702 cures to give a firm but flexible fire seal. Suitable for use in various construction movement joints up to 30%, whilst providing an excellent acoustic and air seal. FS702 […]

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On-Site Water-Based Intumescent Basecoat

Fire Rating: 120 Minutes

SC801-120 Intumescent Basecoat is a waterborne, white, thin film intumescent coating for the protection of internal structural steelwork. This is our product for both 120 and 90 […]

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On-Site, Water-Based Intumescent Basecoat

Fire Rating: 60 Minutes

SC802 Intumescent Basecoat is a water-based, white, thin film intumescent coating for the protection of internal structural steelwork.

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