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Why do we need fire protection?

The fundamental purpose of fire protection systems whether active or passive is to firstly, prevent the passage and spread of smoke and fire, from one area of the building to another, to allow for the safe escape of the building occupants. Secondly to prevent / reduce the amount of damage to the building structure, neighbouring structures and reduce the risk of collapse for the emergency services.

A number of the fundamental requirements of fire protection are specified in approved document B of the Building Regulations:

  • Means of escape
  • Internal surface spread of flame to linings
  • Structural integrity of the building
  • Fire compartmentation
  • Access and facilities for emergency services

Other more commercial reasons for the use of fire protection systems, is to reduce the amount of damage and prevent collapse of the building. This intern can help to:

  • Reduce the rising cost of insurance polices
  • Protect capital investment
  • Reduce the possible risk to the fire fighters