FF197 Fire rated Foam - The Hour Defender


The Hour Defender

Improved FF197 Fire Rated Foam

  • 60 Minute Fire Testing rate, see thee video below
  • Works with standard plastic and standard wooden packers 
  • No architrace required (but can be added if required) 
  • Gaps up to 35mm 
  • Upto 4 hours on linear gaps
  • Approved for:
  • Single Door1
  • Door and a quarter2
  • Door and a half 3
  • Double door 4
  • Also gives 30 minutes on all of the above doors (1,2,3&4) at a reduced frame widtyh of 70mm
  • Pink coloured foam for easy identification
  • Tack free time in just 10 minutes 
  • Gun and straw compatible

FF197 Use

FF197 is used to seal linear gaps throughout the fire rated areas of a building.

  • Certified to the latest British and European standards EN 1366-4,
     DIN 4102 Pt 1 (B1) and EN 13501: Pt 2
  • Cures to form a semi-rigid foam that is able to accomodate some degree of movement of the joint
  • Acts as an effective fire seal for up to 4 hours (BS EN 1366- 4) when used with FS701 intumescent acrylic or FS703 silicone sealant

Fire testing explained:

BS EN Standards

  • BS EN 1366-4 Fire resistance test for service installations. Linear joint seals.
  • BS EN 1634-1 Fire resistance test for doors, shutters and openable windows.
  • BS476-22 Fire resistance of non-loadbearing elements of construction. Building materials and structures.

How does EU Fire testing compare with BS fire rating testing ?

Both Standards use thermocouples The European fire test standards (BS EN) all use the more advanced plate thermocouple technology to measure the air temperature, BS476 series of tests use the wire thermocouple option.

BS EN (British Standard European Norm) 1366-4 could be considered a more vigorous test because it is tested to a more consistent recorded temperature.

FF197 is Tested to BS EN 1366-4, BS EN 1634-1 and meets BS476-20 & 22

FF197 Fire Testing Video

Download the European Test Certification Below

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