How to Read our Unique Reference Numbers in 8 Steps!

Patricia Gabriel / 04 September 2023

You may be familiar with our new Technical Drawing Details by now and we honestly hope you’re finding these useful. Each of these documents contain a unique reference number, which you might not find very intuitive at first. This number serves as a key point for our Technical team's future interactions, enabling precise communication and problem-solving.

So, as promised, in this article we’ll delve into the art of reading and interpreting these unique reference numbers in 8 steps, to empower you to navigate our technical documentation effortlessly.

1. Main Product 

This refers to our 5 digits product shortcut, for example:






2. Substrate plus minimum thickness in mm

The substrate can be as per below:

DW =Drywall

RW = Rigid Wall

CF = Concrete Floor

PC = Plasterboard Ceiling

MS = Multiple substrates 

3. FB750 Construction Type (only when applicable)

The construction types refer to:

SC = Single Batt Compressed  DC = Double Batt Compressed  DP = Double Batt Pattress  CP = Compressed + Pattress

BB = Batt box

4. Single / Multiple or Mixed Penetrations

Represented as:

SI = Single

MU = Multiple

MI = Mixed

5. Penetration Type

Which are numbered as per below:

  1. Combustible pipe
  2. Non Combustible pipe
  3. Non Combustible pipes insulated
  4. Cables / Cable carriers
  5. Blank seals
  6. Dampers

6. The Second main product (when applicable) (5 digits)

This again, refers to our 5 digits product shortcut, for example: 

FS709 FP302 FP170 FI025

7. Unique number

And last but not least, 

8. Type of document

At the moment this refers to,

TD = Technical detail 3D = 3D detail

2D = 2D detail

Let's go through a few examples for better understanding…


This reference number refers to: FB750 - drywall 100 mm – double batt pattress – Combustible pipe - single penetration - technical detail.


This second example reads as follow: FB750 - drywall 100 mm – double batt compressed - cable – single penetration – cables - second product – technical detail.

We believe that by enhancing the availability and clarity of technical information, we contribute to raising the bar for fire stopping and safety standards across the industry.

All our technical documents, including the new Technical Drawing Details are available to download, for free, from our website –  

At Nullifire, we're not just providing fire protection solutions; we are providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to safeguard lives and buildings. 

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