Mall of Tripla , Helsinki

Patrícia Gabriel / 22 February 2023

Project Overview

Location:Helsinki, Finland
Products:FS703, SC902
Area: 10,000 m2 of both fire stopping and intumescent coatings

The Project

Mall of Tripla is home to urban culture and the biggest shopping centre in the Nordic countries with 250 shops. At Tripla, you can find more than 70 cafes and restaurants, domestic and international brands as well as a full range of entertainment and wellness services. 

A team of designers and planners developed a design manual to organize the project planning and implementation. The solutions had to fulfill the needs of commercial entities and the technical requirements as the design aspects for these areas. The chosen solutions were based on research and the experiences of leading experts. Fire protection had a high priority especially in public buildings like shopping malls.  

The Solution 

The main steel structure of the building required fire protection for up to 120 minutes. For more than 10.000 m² around the railway station of Tripla a high-quality intumescent coating was a must have. The planning team together with the paint contractor decided to use Nullifire SC902 Intumescent Steel Coating. This low VOC high build product system has outstanding application and performance properties. The patented technology of SC902 allows for single coat application and is weather resistant within one hour. This offers unsurpassed processing speed. The hybrid intumescent can be applied in wet environment and cures at temperatures below 0°C. In addition, SC902 shows high robustness, flexibility in application with standard airless equipment and because of its particularly smooth finish it offers a visually appealing surface.  

For the many thousands of kilometers of linear joints in the mall building, the design team and the contractor chose Nullifire FS703 Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant, given the previous and successful experience with Nullifire's fire stopping range. FS703 is a low modulus, neutral cure, silicone sealant. It is suitable for linear gaps sealing in order to reinstate the fire performance up to 4 hours (tested to EN 1366-4) in compartment walls and floors. 

The Nullifire range thus made a valuable contribution ensuring fire protection of the building and its users and visitors. 

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