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FZ100 Fire Safe Zone is a revolutionary fire protection system, and a single product solution tested to cover many fire stopping requirements. Nullifire has developed a ground breaking and unique fire stopping technology: GXT (Graphite eXpansion Technology). GXT has been incorporated within FZ100, encompassing the ability of many fire protection products within a single sheet.

Fire Rating: 120 Minutes


FZ100 is a fire compartment reinstatement solution for planned and future penetrating services. The product may be located anywhere within a partition, either at the point of construction, or retrospectively fitted. This allows a designer to anticipate future fire sealing requirements, and to integrate FZ100 at strategic points within the building, where subsequent services may be located.
It's proven for use within flexible fire compartment walls; where it is located, openings created are not required to be framed or lined. However it is required to be restrained on all edges, either by an infill of a minimum 100 kg/m3 rock fibre/mineral wool to the entire stud line or by traditional framing using steel stud directly above and below.
FZ100 is ideally suited for use in modular application, where services may be located after the construction of the compartment.
The product is placed centrally within the wall cavity, allowing both high service movement, and an uninterrupted aesthetic appearance on all visible wall faces. It offers a quick and easy installation with zero potential waste.
In the event of a fire, FZ100 will completely reinstate the compartment line to the values stated within the Performance tables document.

Always read SDS, technical handbook, available reports and relevant application details prior to application. Ensure the latest documents are downloaded prior to every project commencement.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

  • Up to 2┬áhours fire resistance - Tested to EN 1366-3.
  • Unique GXT technology.
  • Fire stops existing & future service penetrations.
  • Quick and easy to install: dry, easy to cut, lightweight
  • Fibre free: can be used in clean areas such as hospitals or food preparation facilities.
  • Simple service installation.
  • No odour.
  • Building service movement.
  • Tested to 66dB for acoustics.
  • Fully breathable, does not absorb moisture.
FZ100 Performance Tables (en-GB).pdf Performance Table
FZ100 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB) Safety Data Sheets
FZ100 Technical Handbook (en-GB).pdf Technical Guidance Document
FZ100 Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
FZ100 FAQ Sheet (en-GB).pdf Brochure