Embracing the Technical Challenges of Passive Fire Protection as a True Manufacturer!

Patrícia Gabriel / 08 December 2023

In this blog, we want to explain our view on the importance of Technical Evaluations and the work we have been carrying out as manufacturers.

We average 30 fire tests a year and yet we are still creating Technical Evaluations to assist our industry and our customers. With over 2,000 tested data points  we have a plethora of information to present for your compartment reinstatement needs. The industry develops at such a fast pace that there will always be a requirement for Technical Evaluations. These vary from new material types that push our construction industry forward towards being more sustainable and efficient, to incorrect opening formations, material abutment clashes or even clashes between European testing standards .

Technical Evaluations are not designed to replace testing yet are essential to our customers and our industry.

Over the years Technical Evaluations have gone by many names, including Engineering Judgements, Technical Evaluations, Product Evaluations, Product Assessments etc …

The failure of a manufacturer to issue a Technical Evaluation, can mean the evaluation is being carried out by the installer of the contracted company. Turning a blind eye to variations on tested details is a far greater risk than asking the professionals for advice. A telephone conversation does not an evaluation make … information should be provided in a written document, be traceable and fit within your competency framework. 

These documents can resolve site needs when a tested design, system or assembly is simply not available. This results in a document being issued by our Technical Team, which evaluates the impact of modifications to tested and published fire resistance products, and scenarios. To be effective the Technical Evaluation must be acceptable to local code and accepted by the Building Owner or Main contractor. They are always site specific, and are presented to be either accepted by site, assessed by a third party fire engineer or taken to test at a UKAS accredited test lab.

In generating these documents, we follow the requirements of the PFPF guide as closely as possible. We can recommend third parties to you, should you require a third-party assessment and underwriting of our documents. Our team of Technical Advisors have many years of experience from within the fire stopping industry, which plays a large role in our competency in creating these documents, along with their qualifications and continuous training and learning.

According to the ‘Building a Safer Future, Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety : Final Report’ by Dame Judith Hackitt DBE FREng May 2018, it states of assessments and evaluations:

“Where they are used, they must be carried out by people who are qualified or competent, and must be properly documented. They may also be subject to review to ensure that suitable materials are being used appropriately on different types of buildings, delivering fit-for-purpose solutions.”

“The interim report set out a recommendation to significantly restrict the use of these assessments in order to ensure that they are only used in a responsible and appropriate way by competent people.”

“The proposed change does not ban assessments in lieu of tests, as there are some products and systems for which a full-scale physical test is not possible, but it will significantly reduce their use and ensure that those which are carried out are conducted rigorously and properly recorded for further scrutiny.”

A Technical Evaluation is a formal process used by Nullifire to assist our customers. We are proudly one of the very few manufacturers in the industry offering this service to our customers and for bespoke projects.

As the competition in the marketplace intensifies, Nullifire is determined to lead the way by not only manufacturing high performance products with over 50 years of testing data and simplifying it but by also setting new standards through excellence customer and technical services. We love embracing challenges to deliver bespoke solutions for our customers!

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