Familiar with the concept NTNs? Nullifire Technical Notes Might Save Your Next Coating Project!

Patrícia Gabriel / 12 February 2024

The construction industry is constantly evolving in its approach to building design and function. National and international product testing standards struggle to keep up at the same pace. Additionally, it’s difficult for standards to be developed where different products that are individually tested and assessed interact. This can be simply down to a lack of equipment to test and evaluate the different materials and products together effectively. As such, there are many ‘grey areas’ that are not covered. An example could be a fire rated wall with a structural steel beam running along the top. Both can be tested, assessed and certified individually, but there is no standard or test facility to evaluate in combination. This is just one example of an endless list of potential combinations.

Due to this, and in the increase focussed on fire protection, compliance and liability in recent years, there are an ever increasing number of questions being asked of manufacturers. At Tremco CPG UK and Nullifire, we utilise our membership and active participation in trade associations, such as the ASFP, to contribute to industry wide documented guidance. These take the form of guidance notes or advisory notes. Nullifire will always direct our customers to these where appropriate. However, if a situation arises that is not covered by any of the existing documentation, Nullifire will produce a Nullifire Technical Note to provide advice based on testing, experience or established practices. If these situations or requests become common, our team will escalate to an industry level and promote a common approach. As such our NTN’s are regularly reviewed and some do become discontinued.

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