Product Spotlight: FJ203 Fire Resistant Rope

Patrícia Gabriel / 19 July 2023

In the dynamic world of construction, where offsite and modular construction are becoming more popular, the need for innovative fire safety solutions is paramount. Nullifire proudly presents the FJ203 Fire Resistant Rope, a cutting-edge, non-combustible fire resistant woven rope that offers exceptional fire resistance, durability and easy installation!

Key Features:

1. Unmatched Fire Resistance: FJ203 is engineered to withstand an impressive 4-hour fire resistance, tested to EN 1366-4. With this rope at your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your offsite or modular construction project is well-protected in case of fire.

2. Enhanced Durability: Built to last, FJ203 is constructed from high-quality materials that are specifically chosen for their exceptional durability. This robustness ensures that the rope remains reliable and effective, safeguarding your construction project.

3. Easy Installation and Versatile Application:FJ203 is designed with ease of installation in mind – it’s easy to cut and apply, allowing for seamless integration into your project's fire safety measures. The expansion joints require FO142/FO143 Silicate Adhesives to be applied prior to installing FJ203. To make watertight FS703 is required after installing FJ203.

4. 20% Movement Capability Tested:FJ203 has a lateral stretching capability of  20%, allowing it to provide an effective seal to gaps and joints. This feature enhances fire containment capability, accommodates structural movements, and ensures a precise and reliable barrier against the spread of fire. FJ203’s joint width range is 10 – 130 mm for expansion joints (20% movement), or 10 – 150 mm for static joints (7.5%).

Benefits in Offsite and Modular Construction:

  • Compliance with Safety Regulations: FJ203 Fire Resistant Rope is meticulously engineered to meet the stringent safety regulations prevalent in the construction industry. By incorporating this product into your projects, you can ensure that your design, specification, and building meets all necessary fire safety requirements.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Construction industry, in particular offsite and modular construction methodologies thrive on efficiency and accelerated timelines.FJ203 facilitates faster installation, saving valuable construction time.
  • Protecting Lives and Assets: Fire incidents can cause devastating consequences, putting lives and assets at risk. By incorporating FJ203 into your offsite or modular construction projects, you are prioritising the safety and well-being of occupants and protecting valuable assets. This proactive approach strengthens your reputation as a responsible and trustworthy construction professional.

FJ203 Fire Resistant Rope is at the forefront of passive fire protection. With its exceptional fire resistance, durability, ease of installation, and versatile applications, this innovative product offers an unrivalled combination of features and benefits. Choose FJ203 and elevate your construction projects to new levels of safety, compliance, and reliability.

To find out more or for any technical enquiries get in touch with our specialist team! We’re happy to help!