Fire Safe Zone

What is FZ100 Fire Safe Zone?

FZ100 Fire Safe Zone is a fire barrier slab which has been designed specifically for off-site construction.

FZ100 allows for both instant and future fire protection and is a new substitute for current traditional solutions offered by Nullifire.

What EI does FZ100 Fire Safe Zone achieve?

Due to the rigorous testing, this product achieves various EI ratings, including EI60, EI90 and EI120 – compiled test results can be found on the product data sheet and technical handbook, where we highlight the EI result for each service.

Why should FZ100 Fire Safe Zone be used within off-site construction?

Our ground-breaking technology provides off-site construction with an easy to install,
compliant and cost-effective solution to speed up the manufacturing process of fire
stopping within modules. The technology allows for the compliant substitution of a variety
of products, to a single product within this area of application.

I would like to understand more about FZ100 Fire Safe Zone technology, how do I go about this?

We would love to talk to you about this ground-breaking technology. Our team can be contacted via phone - 01942 251 400 or email -

Is FZ100 Fire Safe Zone a tested solution?

FZ100 Fire Safe Zone has undergone rigorous testing over a period of five years. Our
in-house research and development team have completed a series of fire resistance tests against EN 1366-3 for flexible walls and includes; cable carriers, cables, combustible pipes, and non-combustible pipes at an approved third-party test house.
Here at CPG UK, we are transparent with our data and all 131 test results can be found
within our product data sheet.

Does FZ100 Fire Safe Zone have third-party accreditation?

FZ100 Fire Safe Zone has a certified UL-EU certificate. A copy of our certification can be
found on our product page.

Where can I find more information on the testing and installation of FZ100 Fire Safe Zone?

Our technical handbook is a great place to start when looking for testing and installation
details. You can download the handbook here.

Do Nullifire have any future tests scheduled for FZ100 Fire Safe Zone?

As a leading product manufacturer our solutions are continuously being tested to comply
with upcoming building regulations and our customers requirements. To learn more about
our testing, please speak to a member of the CPG Offsite Solutions team.

Do I require training to install FZ100 Fire Safe Zone?

As a responsible manufacturer we will be offering installation training to the off-site market to ensure that those working with the product understand the requirements, the product itself and how to install. For more information on our training please contact

Does FZ100 Fire Safe Zone require a wet or dry installation?

FZ100 Fire Safe Zone is a dry install – making the installation process quick, simple, and easy to complete. Why not check out our promotional video for an insight into how to install this product.

How does the fire inspector know whether FZ100 Fire Safe Zone is installed?

To identify whether FZ100 Fire Safe Zone is installed as marked out, simply drill a small hole through the identified plasterboard and complete a visual check. Please ensure that upon inspection completion, the drilled hole is filled with Nullifire FS702.

Where should I apply the FZ100 identification tape?

Nullifire FZ100 identification tape must be used to identify the “Fire Safe Zone” area.
The tape should be applied evenly over the FZ100 boundary edge.

Is FZ100 Fire Safe Zone a sustainable solution to fire stopping?

FZ100 Fire Safe Zone is a sustainable solution for fire stopping. Not only does this product
allow for the reduction of on-site construction waste, but it also achieves a VOC emission
result of ‘Indoor Air Comfort GOLD'.

Has FZ100 Fire Safe Zone been trialled anywhere in the UK?

Throughout the development of this product, we have worked with several trusted partners to test and revise our product development to ensure that the product is the perfect fit for the off-site industry. Speak to a member of our team to find out more information.