Blue is the colour of assurance with Nullifire’s new sealant solution for CPVC materials

Ryan Gerrard / 23 September 2022
Nullifire has launched a unique sealant solution specifically for CPVC materials, offering up to 120 minutes fire resistance - with the benefit of a distinct blue shade for easy on-site identification and traceability.

‘FS719 HP Blue for CPVC’ is a powerful product, designed to close CPVC only when the pipes are deteriorating under fire conditions.

This FBC™ Approved Compatible Product is rigorously fire tested only on CPVC pipes to EN 1366-3.  

Nullifire’s European Fire Stopping Technology Manger, Ian Outram said: “FS719 HP Blue for CPVC has been developed to address a very specific issue between CPVC and its compatibility issues with other construction products. Our testing additionally offers the assurance of up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

FS719 remains inert until exposed to a specific temperature, this temperature increase will then trigger FS719 to expand, only if the CPVC pipe is degrading, sealing any gap left by the degraded CPVC sprinkler pipe in the process, ensuring the fire compartment line is maintained.

“It offers a versatile and easy to apply solution for installers of fire protection and sprinkler systems in the UK.”

Chemically compatible with all CPVC pipe types, FS719 is tested for use around 1”, 2” and 3” internal diameter CPVC pipes or up to 90mm external diameter pipes, through flexible and rigid walls, as well as rigid floors.

FS719 can be used direct within substrate, or within Nullifire FB750 Intubatt Coated Batt when installed in full accordance with the manufacturer’s testing methods and recommendations. The CPVC pipes are additionally tested off set within openings, with a reduction in annular of the FS719 down to 5mm at a single point, provided the minimum 20mm annular is achieved on the opposite edge of the pipe circumference. 

FS719 HP Blue for CPVC is the latest product to join Nullifire’s extensive fire stopping portfolio.

Part of the Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) portfolio of brands, and previously available in the UK under the Firetherm name, Nullifire products are used extensively across built environments, with the benefit of highly knowledgeable technical support and service, to ensure ultimate peace of mind in the specification and application process.

Ian Outram added: “Like all our fire stopping products, FS719 HP Blue for CPVC has been launched having undergone rigorous trials and evaluations, in line with our focus on excellence within the passive fire protection market.

“This stringent approach is combined with client support from Nullifire’s unique team of technical experts, who have years of experience supporting the specification and installation of our products, as well as full specifier and contractor training programmes to ensure the right outcome.

“In short, everything is focused on providing what our customers need at every stage of their project - smart protection.”

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