Fire Door Foam Fills Gap in the Market

Patrícia Gabriel / 23 September 2022
Installers or specifiers seeking a fire rated foam for sealing linear joints, that meets the practical challenges as well as all current European regulatory requirements can rely on the performance of Nullifire FF197 Gun Grade Fire Rated PU Foam, one of the range of high performance Nullifire products, manufactured by Tremco CPG.

As a modified single component, polyurethane foam, Nullifire FF197 has been developed to speed the installation of fire doors in situations from shops and schools to high rise residential properties. Crucially it has been tested to demonstrate its compliance with BS EN1364-4, which means it also satisfies the now superseded BS 476-22. The foam will adhere to most common substrates, including masonry, plaster or timber, and can be used to treat linear gaps throughout the building.

Significantly, FF197 actually passed the onerous fire testing at an independent laboratory – achieving 60 minutes resistance - without the addition of architraves, while only standard packers, rather than the special intumescent versions are required when fixing the door frame. In other applications Nullifire FF197 can provide up to four hours’ protection.

After expansion, and depending on ambient conditions, the foam cures within one hour, but will require covering with a suitable sealant such as Nullifire FS703 Neutral Cure, Fire Rated Silicone or Nullifire FS701 Water-Based Intumescent Acrylic Sealant, to provide UV protection.

The gun and straw grade FF197 is pink in colour, is supplied in boxes of twelve 750 ml pressurised canisters and is ready for use once shaken well and secured to an illbruck PU foam gun from the range. After use, the gun should be cleaned using illbruck PU foam cleaner AA290, while excess foam around the joint can be cut back using a sharp knife.

The manufacturer has a team of experienced Technical Sales Representatives able to provide specification advice or on-site assistance regarding application and training of new personnel.