Introducing CCF - Our new nationwide distributor of Fire Stopping products

Patrícia Gabriel / 14 October 2022

For almost 50 years, Nullifire has been a leader in smart passive fire protection by offering both intumescent coatings and fire stopping solutions. We are specialists, with one focus that hasn’t changed – to protect people and buildings from fire.

Manufactured within the UK, Nullifire’s products have a global track record of performance and compliance, with the range tested extensively and fully certified for a range of fire protection needs.

Nullifire is ramping up its local distributors network by partnering with CCF – a nationwide distributor to the UK construction industry.

Alongside our market leading Nullifire intumescent coatings for the protection of steel structures, fire stopping products provide outstanding passive fire protection solutions to service penetrations, movement joints and linear gaps along with unique interfacing solutions.

Now in stock at CCF are some of our best-sellers including batts, intumastics, intustraps and intucollars:

FB750, FS702, FS709 are backed up by traceability technologies - Optifire and Optifire+. By incorporating a UV and reflective pigment into their product formulations, respectively, these unique technologies offer guaranteed quality and traceability of these Nullifire products installed on-site.

These are now in stock and available for delivery nationwide, from the following CCF branches:

  • Cardiff
  • Harmondsworth
  • Enfield
  • Nottingham
  • Peterborough
  • West Birmingham
  • Southampton 
  • Bristol
  • Liverpool 
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh

Nullifire’s Sales Director, Gary Pullinger, said: “We are delighted to partner up with CCF. This partnership reflects the continuous investment in our distribution network as well as product supply and delivery across the entire nation. Working with CCF means Nullifire fire products are now available nationally through an extensive distribution network.”

Nullifire’s single source approach also incorporates a strong focus on the services and continuous support provided, to ensure a project has been completed correctly. From online training, CPD seminars, on-site support and surveys, specification service, inspection to maintenance work we are proactive in finding solutions to our customers’ problems and help whenever necessary. 

Nullifire is a Tremco CPG (UK) brand along with TREMCO, Flowcrete, illbruck, Dryvit and Nudura. Together these brands cover a wide array of different construction needs and provide a wealth of complex services, support and systems that are rarely found together. 

For more information please contact your local CCF branch.