Nullifire ‘take off’ specification service ensures steel is in pole position for fire protection

Ryan Gerrard / 23 September 2022
Specifiers can utilise a full pre and post application service from Nullifire, to achieve complete reassurance in fire protection projects.

Nullifire’s take off service gives architects, specifiers and main contractors bespoke support for their projects, to ensure work is carried out to its best advantage.

Manufactured within the UK, Nullifire’s products have a track record of performance and compliance, with the range tested extensively by third body associations and fully certified for a range of fire protection needs.

Part of the Tremco Construction Products Group portfolio of brands, they are used extensively across built environments, and are supported by highly knowledgeable technical support and service teams.

The application of Nullifire coatings on structural steel protects it from reaching structural failing temperatures in a fire, providing stability for up to 120 minutes to give emergency services vital time to evacuate people and control the flames.

Jeff Dyson, of Nullifire, said: “Our take off service offers peace of mind for specifiers that vital fire protection works are being carried out, by ensuring that architects, specifiers and main contractors specify the right product for their project. 

“Our in-house team will look at a range of project information and make product recommendations based on their findings.

“Once work is completed, our technical team will also offer site visits to ascertain that work has been carried out to the required standards, if required. 

“Furthermore, as part of our technical offer, we will also provide training to those that require it for each project.”

The take off programmMe is part of a package of services developed by Nullifire to help specifiers, including site support, full project enquiry scheduling and a product calculator. 

Other initiatives include Optifire+ the pioneering product identification tool, which provides traceability as standard across Nullifire’s intumescent steel coatings range.

This unique pigment is impossible to manipulate and ensures that Nullifire products are used and applied correctly, via a unique traceability tool.

More details can be found here.

Tremco Construction Products Group (Tremco CPG) brings together a portfolio of leading construction product brands, including illbruck, Flowcrete, Tremco, Vandex and Dryvit, as well as Nullifire.

These high-performance building materials - including fire protection, as well as sealing, bonding, insulation, flooring, waterproofing and roofing solutions – provide a single source for specifiers.