Nullifire's Competent Team at your Service

Patrícia Gabriel / 21 December 2023

At Nullifire, the work goes beyond the office, factory and distribution centre!

In this blog post, we introduce you to the range of technical services provided by both our technical and sales teams to support our customers and their projects.

The technical team at Nullifire offers an array of services to ensure that fire protection measures are both effective and compliant. And, they spend quite a lot of their time on-site ensuring fire protection solutions meet the real-world challenges and assisting customers.

Our services include:

  • Initial Product Training and Education: Helping the Sales team to ensure that clients have a deeper understanding of the fire protection products and solutions available and respective applications.
  • Tailored Specification and Technical Support Service: Crafting bespoke solutions to meet the unique needs of each project.
  • Technical Detail Drawings: Providing detailed technical drawings to aid in the implementation of fire protection measures.
  • Site Visits: Conducting on-site walk throughs to ensure that the products are being used and installed in the right way.
  • Technical Evaluations: Carrying out Technical Evaluations on scenarios that are outside of our testing and based on expert opinions for third parties to assess and accept.
  • Maintenance Advice: Providing guidance on maintaining fire protection measures over the long term.

Setting Records

2023 marked a remarkable year in terms of customer support for the Nullifire team. 

  • Initial Product Training and Education: we delivered 33 online trainings and trained 367 people in total for the whole year of 2023. These included both our two CPDs on Fire Stopping and Structural Steel Intumescent Coatings, and the Installers Fire Stopping training.
  • Site Visits: nearly 500 technical site visits where conducted by both our technical and sales team. These don’t include the so often cold calls and customer assistance on-site.
  • Technical Evaluations: 403 is the final number of technical evaluations done until the end of November 2023.

Serving the Construction Industry & the Impact of Changing Regulations

Nullifire's services are in high demand across the construction industry, serving a diverse clientele that includes installers/applicators, distributors, general contractors, main contractors, building owners/managers and architects/specifiers.

In recent times, Nullifire's technical team, in particular, has witnessed an incredible surge in complex technical enquiries. This increase in demand can be attributed to the introduction of the latest building regulations and safety acts. As these regulations become more stringent, Nullifire's experts find themselves involved in the earliest phases of building and design, working closely with main contractors to ensure that fire protection remains paramount.

In conclusion, Nullifire team is not only well-equipped to meet the demands of a dynamic and ever-evolving industry but also dedicated to their core mission of safeguarding lives and property from the devastating effects of fire. With our vast experience, expertise, and commitment, we continue to be the trusted guardians of fire safety in the world of construction.

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