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Our History and Brand

For over 47 years, Nullifire has developed smart fire protective solutions. A specialist that has not, and will never change its focus: to protect people and assets against fire.

Today Nullifire offers a comprehensive range of fire stopping products and intumescent coatings, sold all over Europe. But it all started in 1973 in the United Kingdom when Nullifire was established following the introduction of the Fire Precaution Acts.

Over the course of 10 years Nullifire introduced a range of intumescent technologies for the fire protection of both timber and steel structures. In addition, Nullifire was instrumental in the development of fire protection solutions for service penetrations and construction movement joints.

These laid the basis for the coatings Nullifire produces today. The technology has evolved since then, but the general principles holds true even today. And so does our unwavering focus to protect people and their assets.

1973 - Founded in Coventry, UK

Early 1980’s - Developed the first intumescent coatings

Late 1980’s - Developed the first water-based coating for steel protection

1998 - Acquired by RPM Group

2000 - Nullifire became part of the Tremco Europe Group

2001 - Development of fire stopping technologies/products started

2005 - Tremco Group becomes tremco illbruck

2005 - Launch of the first fire stopping products

2007 - Expanding the production facilities in Wigan, doubling the capacity

2007 - Nullifire further expands into Europe and the Nordic countries

2013 - Nullifire launches patented Hybrid technology intumescent coating

2016 - tremco illbruck group aquired Firetherm

2019 - Merged with sister companies under the CPG Group