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Guaranteed Traceability

Optifire offers product assurance through guaranteed traceability

A unique technology brought to the market by Nullifire offers architects, specifiers, main contractors, and applicators guaranteed traceability of products on-site. This unique technology offers a guaranteed source of quality and new levels of assurance, whilst acting as an incentive to ensure that products are used and applied correctly.

Optifire is activated by a exposing the products surface to a UV light source, identification tools held by Nullifire reveal a specific colour which is unique to the Nullifire fire stopping product range. By simply applying a UV light source, Nullifire can provide the reassurance that the product applied has been through stringent manufacturing processes and testing regimes, to ensure the ultimate peace of mind in the specification and application process.

The technology which can be found within our fire stopping range, also allows for retrospective identification of products – assuring during project construction through to project completion – our products can be traced straight back to Nullifire.

Advantages of Optifire

Insurance premiums

Easy Product Identification

Reduced risk

Products Which Feature Optifire

  • FB750

    Intubatt Coated Batt

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FB750 Intubatt is a lightweight 4 hour fire barrier comprising of a rock mineral fibre board with an uniquely identifiable ablative coating, containing OptifireTM technology.
  • FB770

    Intudeck - Timber Floor Upgrade

    Fire Rating: 90 Minutes
    FB770 Intudeck is a rock mineral fibre board coated on one side with a smoke and fire resistant sealant. Light weight and quick to install, FB770 can be cut to suit on site and fitted using compression and FS702 Intumastic bonding between joists.
  • FJ220

    Intubatt 3 Cavity Barrier

    Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
    FJ220 Intubatt 3 is supplied pre-configured, ablative coated and factory cured. FJ220 is a rock fibre compressible slab, with an ablative coating to provide a fire and smoke seal. We offer 2 options: - single coated for horizontal seals - double coated for vertical seals
  • FS702

    Intumastic Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FS702 Intumastic is a water-based acrylic sealant which cures to give a firm but flexible fire seal. Suitable for use in various construction joints offering up to 30% movement capability whilst providing an excellent acoustic and air seal. FS702 is suited for use around non-combustible services, [...]
  • FS712

    Intucoat Brush

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FS712 Intucoat is a water-based acrylic coating and adhesive, which may be used in conjunction with FB750 Intubatt, FB770 Intudeck and FJ220 Intubatt 3 as a bonding agent and a surface repair coating.