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Specification Services

Aiding you in the specification of Nullifire systems

Here at Nullifire we can help you in selecting the appropriate product of mix of products to meet the buildings fire protection specification. Offering technical support in both fire stopping and intumescent coatings, our team will work with clients, contractors, and sub-contractors to ensure the best possible and most cost-effective solution, without ever compromising on quality and safety. 

As the only manufacturer that specialises in both intumescent coatings and passive fire stopping products we are also able to offer the full package for a building, making sure that all of the fire protection measures combine together to give all parties peace of mind.

Our trained personnel can assist as the construction project is being developed. Site surveys are available to ascertain that all work has been carried out to the required standards. 

Our team are here to help with your project enquiries. Working closing with you, we will develop the best solution to achieve the fire strategy required.

Free to download and simple to use, Nullifire product calculator gives you an opportunity to understand products required and application requirements for your project.

Let Us Help You

Looking for support, guidance, knowledge or just wanting to get a better understanding of our products and solutions - then speak to our technical team. 

We understand that you want to find the best value, lowest risk, solution which has been specifically engineered for your project and our aim is to help you achieve this. We work with architects, specifiers, clients, contractors, and sub-contractors to deliver projects across the UK and Ireland. All our clients receive the same level of service, and no question is ever left unturned. 

Our technical team are on hand from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday to assist you with any technical queries.