The importance of fire door protection

Patricia Gabriel / 23 March 2023

Many of us will come into contact with a fire door in our daily lives, either at home, in the workplace or in public buildings. But how much do you know about fire doors and their importance in saving lives?

Fire doors act as an effective passive fire protection product. They fulfil a live-saving role in preventing the spread of smoke and fire for a period of time dependent on their fire classification. Helping to keep the levels of smoke and toxin gasses contained within the room of origin and preventing fire from moving into escape routes and additional rooms within the building.

Constructed from materials that will withstand fire for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on the fire door rating – these doors are fitted intumescent packers in a groove on every edge of the door or fire door frame.

If in the unfortunate event a fire breaks out, the heat causes the intumescent packers to expand and fill the gap between the fire door and the frame. Sealing the room and stopping the spread of fire for a given time.

How does fire rated foam work?

Fire rated foam, such as Nullifire’s FF197, works by expanding once released from the canister filling the gap or penetration and leaving no gaps for fire and/or smoke to pass through. It cures within an hour (depending on ambient conditions) to form a semi-rigid foam that can accommodate some degree of movement of the joints, whilst sealing gaps to resist smoke and fire.

Fire rated foam from Nullifire is grey in colour, to identify it as different from other types of expanding foam which do not have the same combustible quality. Supplied in a 2-in-1 gun & nozzle canister for easy application.

Is fire rated foam tested and accredited?

Nullifire FF197 is a tried and tested fire foam solution for sealing door frames, window frames, and linear gaps throughout the fire rated areas of a building.  It is easy to apply, tack free in just 10 minutes, and meets the requirements for FD30, FD60, and FD120.

Nullifire FF197 fire rated foam gives peace of mind, having been tested to BS EN 1366-4, BS EN 1634-1, BS EN 1634-3, and meets BS 476-20 & 22.  Significantly, the product passed the extensive fire testing requirements of BS EN1634-1 at an independent laboratory, achieving 60 minutes fire resistance, without the addition of architraves.  It has also been shown to provide up to four hours of resistance in certain applications (when used alongside Nullifire FS702 intumescent acrylic or FS703 silicone sealant).

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