Enhancing Precision and Ease for Fire Stopping with our New Technical Drawing Details!

Patrícia Gabriel / 16 August 2023

The wait is finally over! We’re happy to share our new set of Technical Drawing Details - a result of our team’s hard work and customer-focused approach. These details are a direct response to the requests and needs of our valued customers, aimed at delivering precision, ease of use, and compliance in fire stopping applications.

Our initial set of Technical Detail Drawings encompasses three of our flagship products that are vital in ensuring top-tier fire protection:

The data presented in these technical drawing details are derived exclusively from our ETA (European Technical Assessment) data—a testament to the depth and accuracy of the information provided. Our team has meticulously curated these drawings, ensuring that not only are they valuable for understanding the technical aspects, but they also serve as references for 3D and 2D details.

Each document within the series boasts a unique reference number. This number serves as a central point for our Technical team's future interactions, enabling precise communication and problem-solving. We are excited to unveil a forthcoming blog piece that will delve into the art of reading and interpreting these unique reference numbers, empowering our customers to navigate our technical documentation effortlessly.

Empowering Contractors and Applicators:

These Technical Drawing Details are beneficial and a powerful tool to main contractors, contractors and for on-site applicators as well. With these drawings to hand, product installations become smoother, more efficient, and aligned with the stringent building regulations. We believe that by enhancing the availability and clarity of technical information, we contribute to raising the bar for fire safety standards across the industry.

All our technical documents, including the new Technical Drawing Details are available to download, for free, from our website – www.nullifire.com. 

At Nullifire, we're not just providing fire protection solutions; we are providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to safeguard lives and buildings.

Stay tuned for the release of our next set of Technical Details!