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FS712 Intucoat is a water-based acrylic coating and adhesive, which may be used in conjunction with FB750 Intubatt, FB770 Intudeck and FJ220 Intubatt 3 as a bonding agent and a surface repair coating.

FS712 is suitable for:

  • Repairs to damage to the surface of the coating on FB750 / FB770 / FJ220
  • Bonding of FB750 / FB770 / FJ220 joints, both to substrate and cut pieces
  • For coating the raw edge of FB750 & FB770, when using the surface mounted application method
  • Cold smoke & air pressure seal
  • Fibre encapsulant
  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance - Tested to EN 1366-4, EN 1366-3 and BS 476 Pt 20-22 in conjunction with FB750 Intubatt, FB770 Intudeck or FJ220 Intubatt 3
  • Used for sealing FB750 Intubatt/FB770 Intudeck/FJ220 Intubatt 3 on flexible walls, rigid walls & floors (usage dependent on product selected)
  • Acoustics up to 59 dB
  • Air seal up to 2,000 Pa
  • Provides a tested smoke seal
  • OptifireTM unique traceability identifier
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