With increasing scrutiny on the effectiveness of fire protection strategies in commercial and residential buildings, building owners are now more than ever been urged to act and put the safety of occupants first. Thanks to the pioneering technology introduced by Nullifire we can go one step further in removing unnecessary risks – by offering guaranteed traceability of our products.

An investment in Nullifire products will provide building owners with lifelong protection with little maintenance, which is a business necessity, as well as guaranteed traceability of products after construction phrase.

Optifire+ is a unique pigment that is impossible to manipulate, that offers a guaranteed source of quality to deliver new levels of assurance to architects, main contractors, and specifiers at all stages of construction. The technology represents an important step in Nullifire’s approach to manufacturing next generation products, which help support the increasing demands from building regulations for effective fire strategies across commercial and residential buildings.

As a product identification tool, Optifire+ does not change the way in which Nullifire products work nor it will affect performance or product aesthetics. Instead it acts as an incentive to ensure that products are used and applied correctly. The technology means we can be sure, at any time after a project has been completed, that the product specified is that which is installed.

Our technical support team across the UK will be able to identify Nullifire’s range of fire stopping and intumescent coatings via a unique traceability tool. 

Advantages of Optifire+:

Nullifire products covered with Optifire+: