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Our Firestopping Products

Large Cavity Barriers

Nullifire Fire Curtains are ideal for large voids in buildings above ceilings and can provide  30 minute to 2 hours fire protection to openings with up to 10 m drops.

Our large cavity barriers range includes:

  • FB805

    Fire Curtain

    Fire Rating: 30 Minutes
    A lightweight, flexible fire curtain which provides a barrier to smoke and flames.

Linear Movement and Building Gap Seals

Nullifire solutions for linear movement and building gap seals include a range of fire-rated polyurethane foams, compressible fibre strips as well as acrylic and silicone sealants, to offer complete systems and aid installation.

Our linear movement and building gap seals range includes:

  • FS701

    Water-Based Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FS701 is a one-part fire resistant joint sealant.
  • FS703

    Neutral Cure, Fire Rated Silicone

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FS703 Silicone Sealant is a single-part alkoxy-based fire resistant, elastomeric, neutral cure silicone sealant. Provides up to 5 hours fire protection at internal and external building gaps and movement joints.
  • FF197

    Gun Grade Fire Rated PU Foam

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FF197 is a modified, single component, fire rated polyurethane foam.
  • FO142

    Refractory Adhesive

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FO142 is a single component silicate-based refractory adhesive in the form of ready-to-use paste for gluing materials used in the fire-resistant range.
  • FO143

    Silicate-based Refractory Glue

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FO143 is a one-pack silicate-based cartridge refractory glue in the form of a ready-to-use paste for gluing materials used in the fire-resistant range.
  • FJ203

    Firestopping Backer Rod

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FJ203 is a firestopping backer rod made of rock wool sheathed with flexible glass wires.

Pipe and Cable Penetration Closing

Closing Including mineral fibre boards, pipe collars, seal bags, intumescent mastic and electrical socket putty pads, the comprehensive range of products for pipe and penetration closing is ideal for reinstating the compartmentation of walls or ceilings when penetrated by building services.

Our pipe and cable penetration closing range includes:

  • FO100

    Putty Pads

    Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
    FO100 is a non-setting, intumescent, silicone based putty pad for sealing around plastic and metallic electrical backing boxes.
  • FP150

    Intumescent Pipe Collars

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FP150 Pipe Collars consist a of galvanised steel shell lined with intumescent material.
  • FP300

    Intumescent Pipe Wrap

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FP300 is a simple to use self-adhesive intumescent pipe wrap used for sealing plastic and composite pipe penetrations.
  • FS705

    Intumescent Sealant

    Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
    FS705 is a graphite based product which when exposed to fire expands protecting penetrations including cables, cable bunches, cable trays, plastic and metallic pipes. FS705 maintains the integrity and insulation performance of the seal through masonry and plasterboard.

Specialist Sealants and Movement Gap Seals

For a dynamic seal at positions where a degree of building movement is expected or a linear expansion joint seal, the Nullifire range offers products which are designed to accommodate a specific degree of movement.

Our specialist sealants and movement gap seals range includes:

  • FJ200

    Flexible Intumescent Gap Seal

    Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
    FJ200 is elastomeric foam laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides.
  • FS700

    Dynamic Acrylic Sealer

    Fire Rating: 180 Minutes
    FS700 is a waterborne, single pack acrylic based sealer used to form linear gap seals where gaps are present in floor and wall constructions.

Wall and Floor Penetration Sealing

The Nullifire range of products including mineral fibre boards and structural compounds for load-bearing and non-load barrier penetration sealing includes systems for fire sealing multiple-service openings and gaps in walls and load bearing floors, which reinstate the integrity of compartment.

Our wall and floor penetration sealing range includes:

  • FB747-50

    Coated Batt

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    FB747-50 is a lightweight 4 hour fire barrier comprising of a mineral fibre board coated with an elastomeric, ablative water based sealant.
  • B220

    Firestopping Compound

    Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    B220 Firestopping Compound is a single part gypsum-based compound providing up to 4 hours fire resistance.