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Welcome to Nullifire

Nullifire is specialist on passive fire protection, because we produce the two main ranges: intumescent coatings, and fire stopping product. We continuously invest in research & development to bring to the market innovative solutions for your current work.

We have our own R&D centers to improve our technology, test it, to offer you best solutions across all Europe.

We offer a wide and deep offer for passive fire protection, depending of your needs:

  • Curtains, pillows and batts
  • Intumescent sealant
  • Fire stopping sealant
  • Intumescent coating
  • Collars, wraps and sleeves
  • Fire stopping bellow
  • Expansive foams.

This approach is linked to our belonging at Construction Products Group (CPG) Europe. The CPG group covers a wide array of different construction needs and provide a wealth of complex services, support and systems that are rarely found together under one roof.

CPG Europe, a regional division of RPM International Inc., is a new umbrella for multiple European construction product brands, including:

Across the continent, CPG Europe manufactures high-performance building materials in order to meet the complex demands of today’s construction industry.

As experts in a wide range of construction product technologies, CPG provides the solutions to engineer structures that are more efficient to build and maintain, are virtually impervious to the elements, and can provide a multitude of desired finishes.

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