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    • FB750

      Intubatt Coated Batt

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FB750 Intubatt is a lightweight 4 hour fire barrier comprising of a rock mineral fibre board with an uniquely identifiable ablative coating, containing OptifireTM technology.
    • FB770

      Intudeck - Timber Floor Upgrade

      Fire Rating: 90 Minutes
      FB770 Intudeck is a rock mineral fibre board coated on one side with a smoke and fire resistant sealant. Light weight and quick to install, FB770 can be cut to suit on site and fitted using compression and FS702 Intumastic bonding between joists.
    • FD090

      Fire & Smoke Curtain

      Fire Rating: 90 Minutes
      FD090 is a lightweight, flexible fire curtain which provides a barrier to smoke and flames. It consists of a specially coated glass fabric material. This is suspended between perimeter fixings and staple jointed for maximum effectiveness. FD090 is suitable for up to 90 minutes fire integrity.
    • FF197

      Gun Grade Fire Rated PU Foam

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FF197 is a modified, single component, fire rated polyurethane foam.
    • FI025

      Intuflex Insulation Wrap

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FI025 Intuflex is a fire insulation upgrade material, primarily made from rock mineral fibre, with an outer layer of foil to provide a class O surface spread of flame around a class A1 core. The foil facing in conjunction with aluminium foil finishing tape, leaves an aesthetically pleasing finish [...]
    • FI064

      Soft Joint Backer

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FI064 Soft Joint Backer is a 64 kg rock-mineral wool slab, to be cut on site and rotated through 90° to form a highly compressible backer with vertically orientated fibres.
    • Product


      Shutter Slab

      FI140 Shutter Slab is a rigid, moisture resistant, non-combustible, rock mineral wool slab.
    • FI200

      Soffit Liner

      Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
      FI200 Soffit Liner is a specially formulated high density rock mineral fibre slab laminated to a 6 mm, impact resistant, cement particle board that provides an aesthetically pleasing liner to concrete soffits.
    • FJ203

      Fire Resistant Rope

    • FJ220

      Intubatt 3 Cavity Barrier

      Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
      FJ220 Intubatt 3 is supplied pre-configured, ablative coated and factory cured. FJ220 is a rock fibre compressible slab, with an ablative coating to provide a fire and smoke seal. We offer 2 options: - single coated for horizontal seals - double coated for vertical seals
    • FJ240

      Spanatherm Cavity Barrier

      Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
      FJ240 Spanatherm is a strong pre-engineered rock fibre movement-joint fire seal, vertical fibre orientation, that allows significant movement accommodation at the same time as providing fire integrity, insulation and an effective smoke seal. FJ240 is a dense rock mineral fibre board Class A1 core [...]
    • FJ400

      Intuspan Intumescent Joint Filler

      Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
      FJ400 Intuspan is an extremely compressable, foam based, joint filler. The product is black in colour, and consists of foam layers between high expansion intumescent layers. It provides a high level of physical movement, and can offer up to 2 hours integrity and insulation, with no adhesive [...]
    • FO100

      Putty Pads

      Fire Rating: 60 Minutes
      FO100 Putty Pads are an easy to apply fire and sound rated seal supplied as a non-setting putty. The pad is hand workable, re-useable and re-serviceable due to its non-setting properties.
    • FO142

      Intutac Brush Grade Silicate Adhesive

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FO142 Intutac is a silicate-based adhesive, which can be applied with a brush. It is used to bond different kinds of materials in the fire protection industry and is resistant to temperatures up to +1000°C.
    • FO143

      Intutac Gun Grade Silicate Adhesive

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FO143 Intutac is a silicate-based adhesive, which can be applied with a caulking gun. FO143 is used to bond different kinds of materials in the fire protection industry. It is resistant to temperature up to +1200°C.
    • FP170

      Intucollar Intumescent Pipe Collar

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FP170 Intucollar comprises of a stainless steel shell and a reactive intumescent lining. FP170 expands when exposed to fire, reinstating the fire performance of compartment walls and floors which have been penetrated by combustible pipes. FP170 can be used on flexible walls & rigid walls (100 mm or [...]
    • FP302

      Intumescent Strap

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
    • FP333

      Trunking Infill

      Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
      FP333 Trunking Infill is a fire resistant compressible foam strip layered with high expansion intumescent material produced in three sizes. In a fire, the intumescent expands and hardens providing a fire and cold smoke barrier.
    • FR230

      Intucompound Fire Mortar

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FR230 Intucompound is a gypsum based mortar used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor & wall constructions where they have been breached with apertures for the penetration of single or multiple services. FR230 provides a safe working platform for loads up to 2.5 kN/m² when installed [...]
    • FS702

      Intumastic Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FS702 Intumastic is a water-based acrylic sealant which cures to give a firm but flexible fire seal. Suitable for use in various construction joints offering up to 30% movement capability whilst providing an excellent acoustic and air seal. FS702 is suited for use around non-combustible services, [...]
    • FS703

      Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FS703 is a low modulus, neutral cure, silicone sealant, suitable for linear gaps sealing in order to reinstate the fire performance in compartment walls & floors.
    • FS709

      HP Intumescent Sealant

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FS709 HP is a high expansion/pressure exerting, graphite intumescent sealant. FS709 expands when exposed to fire, reinstating the fire performance of compartment walls and floors which have been penetrated with services. FS709 can be used on flexible walls & rigid walls (100 mm or wider), rigid [...]
    • FS712

      Intucoat Brush

      Fire Rating: 240 Minutes
      FS712 Intucoat is a water-based acrylic coating and adhesive, which may be used in conjunction with FB750 Intubatt, FB770 Intudeck and FJ220 Intubatt 3 as a bonding agent and a surface repair coating.
    • FS719

      HP Blue for CPVC

      Fire Rating: 120 Minutes
      FS719 HP Blue for CPVC is a unique sealant, developed specifically for CPVC materials.The product is a distinctive blue colour, for easy visual identification and traceability.
    • FV060

      Ventilated Façade Cavity Closer

      Fire Rating: 60 Minutes
      FV060 is a graphite impregnated rubber-based product, encapsulated within a polythene carrier. Both the encasement and the inner product are waterproof and UV resistant. The product remains dormant unless exposed to a fire situation. FV060 is capable of closing a ventilated cavity air gap of [...]